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Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Registered w/ War Fund Central Committee cancel plus (1) 1/2d, (1) 1d, (1) 1 1/2d, (1) 2d, (1) 3d, (1) 4d & (1) 6d stamps canceled Maseru.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Mint Postal Stationery letter card w/ 3d South Africa corner overprinted Bechuanaland.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 6d & (1) 3d stamps sent on first flight to New York w/ backstamp & enclosure.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of (4) 6d stamps on air letter posted at sea abroad the
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-First Day cover canceled Jan. 20, 1938 w/ (1) 1d, (1) 1 1/2d, (1) 2d, (1) 2 1/2d (1) 3d and (1) 1 shilling stamps
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of (4) 1/4d stamps to Clinton, Canada via NY w/ backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of (4) 1d plus block of (4) 1 1/2d common design Silver Jubilee issues.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-First Day cover cancelled Nov. 8, 1940 w/ block of (4) 2d red & ultra plus block of (4) 2d brn blk & turq bl.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-1/2d Postal Stationery air letter w/ (2) 1/2d, (2) 1d, (1) 2d, (1) 1 1/2d, (1) 2 1/2d, (1) 3d, (1) 6d & (1) 1 shilling to Canada.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-6d Air letter going to Br. Guiana w/ Commander E.D. Bowie cancel.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-1 penny mint Postal Stationery card.  U.P.U. Specimen.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of (4) 1/2d plus block of (4) 1d cancelled Hamilton, Bermuda to U.S.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of (4) 1/2d canceled Hamilton, Bermuda to Canada.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Colonial Airlines Inaugural flight Bermuda to Washington DC w/ 6d stamp and backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 1/2d & (2) 1d stamps to the U.S. via the Airship
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of (4) 1/2d plus (1) 1/2d stamp canceled Ireland Island, Bermuda to the U.S.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Air Mail Letter w/ (1) 1 shilling plus (1) 3d stamps via Bermuda-U.S. Service R.M.A.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 2 1/2d George V canceled Jun. 3, 1921 to the U.S.

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