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Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Used Picture Postcard from s. Australia to Montpellier, France w/ (1) One penny Victioria, S. Australia stamp canceled in both S. Aust. & France.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Australian airmail w/ (1) 2d & (1) 3d Aust. stamp & (1) 5d New Guinea airmail stamp w/ Aust. airmail cancel & New Guinea backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-30th Anniversary of 1st flight Aust. - N.Z. w/ commemorative cachet. (1) 8d Aust. stamp canceled N.S.W., Aust. & backstamped N.Z.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Complete set (1) 1 shilling, (1) 2 1/2d & (1) 3 1/2 d Australian stamps.  Handstamped Norfolk Is., Aust.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 3d airmail & (1) 4d Australia stamps w/ N.S.W. cancel & (1) 7d N.Z. cancel plus purple Trans airmail cancel and backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(2) 1 shilling 6 pence Australian stamps canceled N.S.W. going to Georgetown, Br. Guiana w/ backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 2 1/2d Australia stamp canceled Buka Passage, Papua New Guinea w/ cachet of Prow of a New Georgian
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 1 shilling 6 pence, (1) 6d & (1) 3d Australian stamps canceled G.P.O. Melbourne w/ registered label to Yugoslavia w/ 10 backstamps.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 2 d Australian stamp canceled Chatswood,N.S.W. w/ 4¢ postage due to NY.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 2d Australian stamp canceled Portarlington, Vic sent via Tin Can Mail out of Niuafoou Is., Tonga w/ cancel and backstamps.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 3d airmail, (1) 3d & (2) 1 1/2d  plus (1) 3d New Guinea w/ airmail ovpt, (1) 2d w/ airmail ovpt & (1) 3d going to NSW, Australia w/ air label & registered label & backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 6d airmail stamp, (1) 5d stamp & (1) 1d stamp from Elwood, Victoria to Paris, France w/ air label, registered label & backstamps.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-#85-89 on registered cover to London
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Mint Specimen Postal Stationery card w/ (1) one penny Edward VII
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(2) 1/2 penny George V  stamps w/ red war tax ovpt to U.S.  First airmail to Miami w/ Miami backstamp.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-(1) 6d, (1) 4d & (2) 2 1/2 penny George VI stamps canceled on Paquebot in Bermuda aboard the T.E.V. Queen to Bermuda.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Block of 4 Ten Pence stamps w/ George VI.  FDC canceled Nassau, Bahamas w/ an air label.
Worldwide Philatelic Covers-Used Postal Stationery addressed to A.C. Riessler w/ 1d stamp sent airmail through Miami w/ backstamp.

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